Button Art Wall Hanging

Unfortunately I didn’t take photos along the way, but I’ll outline the basic steps. 


1. Purchase a shadow box, artist’s canvas, or your favorite background material. 

I choose an artist’s canvas from Michaels- 

2. Outline the shape you wish to create on the background material (pencil is your safest bet). 

3. (optional) Paint the shape that you are looking to create. Wait until the paint is dry before moving on. I painted my Om symbol in black. 


4. Arrange the buttons on the symbol. Try to fill up the entire symbol, while still allowing the paint color to be glimpsed. 

5. Heat up your hot glue gun, and glue the backs of the buttons to the background/canvas. 
Note: For buttons which are not flat, you might want to cut through the background material with small scissors so that the button can lay flat on the background. 

6. Hang up your finished product and enjoy :)

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