Fabric-Covered Hangers


1. Felt hangers
2. Scissors
3. Fabric
4. Sewing Pins (6)
5. Sewing needle
6. Thread
7. Glue gun (optional – instead of sewing pins, sewing needle, and thread)


1. Cut the fabric to be 2″ x the length of the hanger’s base plus 2″. This fabric piece will be used on the bottom portion of the hanger.

2. Align the fabric underneath the hanger length-wise. Position the fabric so that 2/3 of the fabric’s height is below the hanger and 1/3 is above.

3. Wrap the bottom fabric piece around the bottom of the hangar and fold the top piece over. Place the pins to secure the fabric.

4. Prepare your threading needle/glue gun (for a sewing tutorial, take a look at Jessy’s Instructable), and sew the fabric together.

Your hanger should look something like this:

5. Cut another piece of fabric to be 3 1/4″ x the length of the hanger’s base plus 5″. This fabric piece will be used on the top portion of the hanger.

6. We’ll need to get the fabric over the hanger’s hook. To do this, cut a small hole 1 1/2″ to the right of the fabric’s center, and place the fabric over the hook. I usually cut this hole slightly off-center, in case I need the extra fabric when I get towards the end of my sewing.

7. Place your pins in the fabric.

8. Sew away & enjoy!

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